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After a lot of thought and quite a bit of reluctance after the operations she's already been through, we've decided to have Penny spayed. Given the fact that she's had hip dysplasia we would now never breed her. Not least because I'm not sure how her hips would cope with pregnancy but particularly because I could not bear the thought of her passing it on to her litter and watching other pups go through what she has.

As I say we were reluctant but after the Vet discussed with us all the potential problems she could face if she wasn't spayed we've decided that for her in the long run it's the best thing. She's two now, is that a bit older than average?

She's going in on 14 June (just after we come back from a couple of week's holiday). Does anyone have any advice on what to expect or any specific things we should consider about her recovery? I've heard that weight gain can be an issue for lab bitches, any experience of this? What about exercise post-op? I'm sure our Vet (who I have to say is absolutely terrific) will give us plenty of info, but so many of you have so much experience I'd be really interested in your views.

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