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hi trina

we have had one of our late dogs spayed (cavalier king charles) she was spayed at 9yrs old due to a womb infection cant remeber the name of it now but it was a emergancy spay... so 2yrs of age getting spayed is probably about average you are doing the right thing in getting her spayed like you say you dont want her passing on the hd ...but think of it this way no more seasons no mess on the floor from them and no dogs hanging round outside :p :p

the recovery i would say depends on each dog but it took my sophie about a full week to fully recover from her spay..

as for the weight again that depends on you as the owner if she goes on regular walks and his excercised well and not overfed then she should have no problems with her weight..

my brother in law had his black lab spayed and she still has her lovely slim line body she had before the spaying..

i would say and you probably already know this but the first say 5 days dont let her jump all over the place and gentle exercise should do her..keep checking on the stiches making sure they stay clean as possible and penny does not pull them
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