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2 years ago we went and picked up this bundle of fluff. He cried all the way home, then did a brown sauce poo all over the carpet :roll: but we knew we had a character.

Having a puppy was hard, harder than we ever imagined and the first year had some testing times and this is with one we have since learned was actually fairly well behaved!

For all George’s faults he never destroyed any furniture, he had a little chew on one door and one bit of skirting but other than that good as gold. His vice was stealing things, like gloves, remote controls (see below) and chewing these instead. He still does this now in fact, but once he realised we’re not interested in chasing him around the house he just gives up. :lol:

All dog owners must say this but i think we were lucky with George, he doesn’t have any problem being left on his own, doesn’t run off on walks (yet). I’d like to think some of this is down to our training, but i think some is just his character.

For all the being used to being on his own he isn’t half soft, loves a cuddle and still does the pudgy thing with his soft teddy, he’s two!!

One training thing i am proud of is his walking, took a year but now never pulls at all on his lead, well worth the effort. As with any training we’ve learnt, just have to keep doing it over and over...

Anyway enough gushing, here is a few snaps of the little man...

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