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I had to take Saffy back to the vet yesterday because of her cut pad. We planned on reassessing whether or not she required stitches and changing the dressing.

Her cut is knitting together very nicely, and although it does look very angry still, she's started baring weight on that paw again so everything seems to be healing as we'd hoped...and no stitches required! Yay!

Some of you will remember the issues I had with Saffy being terrified of people.

Yesterday at the vets, I was so incredibly proud of her. She didn't particularly want to be on the table, but she stood there and just leaned on me whilst the vet cut off her dressing, cleaned up her pad and then redressed it, without even wriggling. She also licked the vet a couple of times and had such a cheesy grin on her face and wagged her tail through perhaps 50% of it! After the dressing change I put her on the floor and she happily took a treat off the vet.

For most people this is just normal, but for Saffy, this is a massive thing! Not only was I proud of her, I was also proud of us for putting so much effort in. It really showed yesterday! Even strangers in the waiting area stroked her and she was fine with that too! Admittedly, we haven't been constantly finding strangers to walk past so much recently, but we've still been consistent with the praising her for walking past nicely and not barking or backing off.

We're coming up to her first birthday at the end of this month, and I just can't believe how different she is compared to that terrified puppy that was too scared to even walk past someone. Her confidence has grown so much, and she is still an absolute joy to have!

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