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I just thought it would be nice to see if there was a universal fav toy of all our Labbies......

Tilly's, as a young pup, was a rope toy with a calcium bone on the end.
Worked well untill the day she discovered it unravelled !

Instantly banned, as result was klingons from hell ! ( Also health risk if didn't manage to get to klingon stage...)

Only comes out now for her and Bailey to lead each other around!
In this scenerio neither shred the rope, but have to be watched just in case.................anyway Tilly's fav toy is / are

Balls.............big, small, tennis, football, floating, sqeeky, rugby, bouncy, non bouncy hey doesn't matter !
Kong, lined with marmite, bit of cheese and calcium bone inside, see food related ! No surprise there then !
Hard rubber arched shape chew shaped as a mouth so when picked up looks like a great big grin ! Must post that pic!
Sadly, one squeeky dog, which she loves and carries like a pup.
Her mate, my Labrabirdparrot.........who hangs upside down so she can preen him!
And most importantly for her....ME!

Any of this sound familiar?

Rhoni & Tilly

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Hi Rhoni

just read your post and message- dont worry about it. With two posts, hopefully more info. To be honest hadnt even noticed!! :D

Anyway - at least ive discovered dogs and marmite!! If only i cold persuade kids too


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