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I am currently temporary boarding a lovely dog for the 'Dogs for the disabled' charity. He is collected in the morning to go to training and dropped back off a tea time, so we have him throughout the evening and weekends.

He gets on very well with my dog, however the trainer did say to keep a close eye on as when he is off lead he will try and eat poo!!!!!

Well she certainly wasn't joking there!

I have read the suggestions about the pineapple, do i put this in his ordinary meals and what does this do in working against the poo problem.

Also read about DETER but will mention that to his trainer as don't think i should be dabbling with herbal medicne for him.

Any advice would be welcome please.

Unfortunately putting anything in his food won't help at all if he is eating other dogs poo, it'll only help if he eats his own because it makes it taste foul (apparently).

All you can do really is keep an eye on him and try to distract him if he spots a poo while out. Is he allowed a ball or squeeky toy to play with while out, as you could use that as a reward when calling him away from the poo?
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