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A couple of years ago I bought a travel food bowl thing for dogs from Marks and Spencers. Its like two bowls with handles which are hinged together, you put water bottle in one side and food in the other and there is a push on lid (like on tupperware containers) which goes between with a freezer pack to keep the food fresh and cool then you fold the two halfs together and they lock and you just carry it by the handle. A great gadget for travelling.

This morning has been hard and full of tears but there was one light hearted moment. I put Corrie in the car on the back seat with his blankets etc and put this travel food container on the floor behind the drivers seat (ontop of walking boots, gloves and all the other junk that is down there). Went to lock the front door and came back to the car to discover that Corrie had managed to open the lock on the food bowl, his food was everywhere and he was quite happily eating a second breakfast!!! :lol:

Labs - they certainly make you smile even when you are really low.


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Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a down day, hope you feel a little happier now. Our gorgeous labs certainly do brighten up the day don't they, even if they are little monkies at the best of times!

What a clever boy Corrie is - mind you if there's food to be got, i'm not sure how but they always find a way of suceeding their 'find this food' mission! :lol:

Did you end up having a good walk? Go anywhere nice? We've had nothing but non stop rain and storms today, so we have all got thoroughly soaked on a beach walk, nevermind - that's all the fun of it. :wink:

Found a couple of travel bowls on the net, might be useful for you:

Hope you have a nice evening anyway, there's brighter days ahead i'm sure. :wink:

Bye for now


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We went up to Northumberland to Wooler, I had to take my now ex boyfriends house key back to him and collect mine and Corries stuff from there.

There is a lovely woods there and an old castle type house (that was moved down from the River Ttweed brick by brick but is derelect) and the woods lead to this house via a magnificent arch of beach trees, well branches of beach trees - its quite amazing.

Anyway Corrie and I walked round the woods and we couldnt find the arch of beach trees as last time we went I was with my ex and his dog and my ex knows the woods like the back of his hands. I was starting to get lost so gave up.

Corrie was very strange though as normally he would run off into the woods but today he wouldnt leave my side - guess he knows his mum is very upset - what a star he is. :)

It was a lovely walk and if ever anyone is up that way make the most of it the walks are fantastic.

How about setting up an photo album for pictures of walks we go on - i have a fewl I could put in to start it off.
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