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Hi All,

Found this little article about dog ownership, and it's amazing how our dogs are so easy to please. :wink:

It's simply called, 'My Dog .......'

:animaldog: likes his own warm basket where he can lie quietly out the way.

:animaldog: loves going for regular interesting walks whatever the weather.

:animaldog: likes to jump on our beds and chairs but knows it is not always allowed.

:animaldog: much prefers his own drinking and eating bowl as he knows he shouldn't eat from peoples plates.

:animaldog: likes treats as a reward when he has been really good.

:animaldog: likes showing how obedient he is by sitting, staying and walking to heel.

:animaldog: is proud of his vaccination certificates.

:animaldog: hates being left alone for long periods or being shouted at and kicked.

:animaldog: dislikes being dirty and having a tangled coat.

:animaldog: is afraid of busy roads so prefers to be on a lead in traffic.

:animaldog: hates not being with his owner and family, but knows that sometimes he has to go to a good kennel where he will be well looked after.

:animaldog: dislikes not having a microchip or i.d. tag incase he gets lost.

:animaldog: is worried if he is let out on his own, in case he gets run over, upsets other people or can't find his way home.

:animaldog: But most of all, he wants to be loved and to be part of the family.
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