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Hi all.

I've discovered this forum and been reading lots of information as I have a lab and came across the dog friendly holidays threads and wanted to see where we could have a break with our lab in March so wanted places whatever's tried and tested.

We're looking for breaks in Hampshire, Burgate, New forest local surrounding areas.
There are some great places and one I particularly love the look of in Burgate from a recommendation on an old thread on here!

I was researching areas we could walk our lab for our holiday and all kinds of information came up about seasonal canine illness and the New forest there had been reported cases got me worried a bit as I thought we'd found a great location and somewhere to stay now I'm feeling a bit concerned.

I could be being completely paranoid but wanted to speak to experienced dog owners. We've only been dog owners for a year.

is it now safe in these areas? We wouldn't be staying in the New forest as such but in Burgate but now I'm a little worried about where we should be walking our lab and where we should avoid we just wanted to have a nice break and go exploring but worried in case we ended up somewhere unsafe. Just wondered if I'm being overly paranoid honest replies welcome. Making myself anxious as its our first dog holiday and never done this before so just want a really good experience.

Also what are the benefits to becoming an online member here?
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