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Hello everyone on Labrador Forums,

I am new to this site but am trying to spread the awareness about our adult male Fox Red Lab, Dexter, who has now been missing for over three weeks. He went missing whilst on a walk in Hogback Woods, Beaconsfield (HP9 area) on 14/01/21 at around 1:30 pm. He is neutered, microchipped and was wearing a black collar with an ID tag. Since then we have had possible sightings of him but have never been able to confirm whether it really is him due to lack of photos/videos. As a result we have had to update his status from missing to stolen as we really have no idea where he is or if he has been unfortunately taken.

If you could share this information to any social media you're on as well as talk to your family/friends/neighbours about Dexter myself and my family would really appreciate it.

We have a huge amount of support on social media, especially Facebook in which Dexter's group now has over 1,700 members who all want to help us bring him home. Link: Get DEXTER Home - Beaconsfield HP9

We also have Twitter and Instagram accounts under @getdexterhome to try and spread the awareness.

Thanks so much everyone, we really hope we get him home safe and sound soon.

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