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Hi Everyone,

I have today received the following article. With thanks to Allen & Endal.

Crufts Hero Dogs

Hi there

Sadly Endal was not selected as the Kennel Club's Hero Dog of the year at Crufts. We were pipped by Buster the Army dog, whom we both adore and have known for quite some time. I can't honestly say that I am not disappointed but Buster is a lovely dog and if Endal was to be beat by anyone it is nice it has to be by Buster. Thanks to everyone who supported us both, it was such an honour to be representing so many voters.

Taking part and being nominated has been such an amazing experience and I have never felt as proud as I did when we went into the main ring on Sunday night at Crufts. Endal arrived at Crufts on Wednesday afternoon and left on Monday morning, during which time he worked his socks off not only for me but for Canine Partners and I feel I have brought home a real Hero. At the end of each day at the NEC he was still working and caring for me right up until my head hit the pillow each night.

On Sunday night, with his head and otter like tail held high he proudly represented the very essence of every service dog.
The Kennel Club in nominating Endal as one of the six Hero Dogs have given this partnership such dignity and feeling of worth. Endal and I will always be indebted to the KC for their support of our partnership over the years and they have all become such true friends to us both.

We are now having a good rest and getting ready for what ever life throws at us next. Endal has taken me on the most incredible journey and I never know from one day to the next where will be (under the spot light in the main arena on Sunday a classic!) We'll keep you posted as to the next Endal expedition.

all our luv

Allen and Endal
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