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On another thread we have been discussing what commands we use for 'business'. What other commands do you use and what words does your dog understand.

With Corrie I use the following:-

Stay (doesn't work all the time)
Good Boy (thats when I put his food infront of him and make him sit and wait until I say 'good boy' then he knows he is allowed to eat it, or should I say inhale it because it goes so quickly)
Away (when we are out walking and I want him to run off infront of me)
Close (when I want him to stay near me)
Your Chair (when he is on the sofa and I want to lie on the sofa, so I tell him to go and lie on his own armchair)
Nin (he doesn't understand dinner, breakfast etc - its called Nin)
Left and Right (when he was younger I used to be able to send him off left or right - but he seems to have forgotten how to do it these days!!!)
Deece (another word for walkies, using deece means that when I am talking with people about walks he doesn't go running off to the front door waiting to go for a walk bacause he doesn't understand it)
Collar & Leady (he knows I have to put them on him)
Maltesers (yes he knows what they are and that they come in a red packet, some weekend mornings we walk to the paper shop and occassionally I buy him a packet of Maltesers and he carries them all the way home)
and of course there is the word - Treats!!

Corrie is also quite good at understanding names of people, he knows that Grannie and Grandpa are my parents, he recognises my friends names and their dogs!

My boyfriend uses the command Beep Beep when his dog is in the way, as soon as he says Beep Beep she moves out of the way!!

My parents labrador called Prince who sadly passed away about 6 months ago had the most incredible knowledge of vocabulary. If my parents talked about my sister and I they couldn't use our names if Prince was around as he would sit outside waiting for us because he would think we were due to arrive at the house. One day Mum and Dad forgot this rule - I was due to arrive at their house night and Mum and Dad had mentioned my name about two hours before I arrived, Prince shot outside spent two hours sitting outside waiting and he wouldn't come in until I got there!

We have always had labradors since I was a baby and out of all of them Prince's mind was one I always wished I could get into - it was incredible what he knew and understood.

Would love to know what commands other people use.

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Love the Malteaser one - now I'd love a dog who, when I said that, would nip to the shop and buy me some !! :lol:

Corbie's dictionary currently consists of :

- Sit (always done instantly when i put his dinner down in front of him :lol: )
- Down
- Stay - just started learning this one.
- Stand
- Rollover (very cute one this!)
- Off
- Do you want your dinner? (gets instant attention!)
- Shall we do some Training? - gets him excited and knows he's allowed in the lounge for this (he's usually only in my office or allowed to roam in the hall and kitchen when I'm working as he gets up to mischief otherwise!)
- Leave it - depends what he's got as to whether he does this instantly!
- Take it - when he's been told to leave and then he can have it
- Walkies - now knows what this is! When I say to him 'do you want to go for a walkies?' and I have his lead in my hand, he puts his paw up!
- Kissy - I get a big smacker .. bless him!
- Dry your paws on the towel - I'll put a towel on the floor if its wet out when he comes in from the garden and he'll walk on the towel!
- Good boy, of course!

I'm sure there's ones he's picked up on without me realising yet. They know more than we give them credit for sometimes :lol:

Of course, combine any of the above with selective hearing!

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Clever Corrie! And the towel - that's a great one! Why haven't we thought of that? :lol:

Our girls know...


Stand - well, we did it in class but we don't really use it now


OK - release from wait

Come - questionable with Emma at times

Leave it


Go potty

This way - when we're walking off lead and I'm headed one direction and they're headed in another - keeps them on track without having to call them back

Give - as in give me whatever you've got in your mouth that you shouldn't have

What's this? - pay attention to me and there's a good chance you'll get a treat or a toy out of the deal

Be nice - calm down and be gentle, used with the cats and our friend's kids

Excuse me - they move right out of the way or get off the sofa or bed

Who's that? - Dad's come in from work and you haven't even noticed so you better go say hello

Get in the back - if they're in the front seat of the car they'll hop in the back seat

Ones Edie knows and Emma is working on....
High five

Get your toy - She'll find a toy she wants to play with and bring it to me.

Speak - not sure we want to teach Emma that one actually :lol:

Show us your belly - she rolls right over on her back for a good belly rub. That has to be my favourite!

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Hi all

You have some very intelligent doggies there! Smudge's vocabulary is still limited to:-

Off (just started using this as opposed to 'down' which we're using to get him to lie down)
Tea-Tea (on a Saturday morning he has a bowl of tea, which he loves. I don't give it to him before work during the week as it makes him wee a lot!)

That's about it really! lol! But we chat to him all the time as we're walking around so I can't be sure what he's picking up! I'd better watch my language!

All the best,

PS. Sam, glad to hear your parents are referred to as 'Grandparents' for Corrie too! When we went up to Chris' parents at Christmas, his brother was due to arrive and as I know that whilst he a really nice guy, he doesn't show any sort of emotion and is kind of really cool, he bounded in, saw Smudge and said "Hello Smudge, your Uncle Jonathan's here!" It just really made me smile! Funny how pets can bring people out of themselves!

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Hi, Poppy understands lots, but what impressed me the most;

I sometimes walk through a large park on our way to and from places. One day, we were walking across and I said to Poppy 'I must go and powder my nose' and she ran over to the toilet block and went in the ladies! I couldn't believe it and next time 'tested' her again and she did the same.

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