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Me and busby have played this for ages and he absolutely loves it and goes nuts whenever he gets to play it.

Whenever we get a delivery in a box, no matter how big or small I save the box, I make busby sit down nicely in the hallway, take the box with me into the front room and close the door behind me so he cannot see me. I then take a couple of bits of kibble and put them in the box and do the box back up. I then hide the box.
I open the door, wait until busby is sitting nicely and give the 'find it' command.
He loves searching, finding treats so he races off to find his treats, but this time finds the box and has to undo (destroy in busby's case) to get to the treat.

Most probably have tried this but I thought I'd post anyway. It's just combining two thing busby loves, searching/finding treats and cardboard boxes. And provides variation from his normal treat ball we set up for him most nights.

Really cheap, really easy and busby loves it. If you haven't tried this already I'd recommend you do.
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