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Hello i write this post with such a heavy heart. I regrettably had to rehome my 2labradors in febuary 2019 my mental health was extremly low and i was barely making it through each day i really struggled to look after myself my daughter and both doggies.
Anyway I used a reputable labrador charity to rehome them and that day still devastates me. I know it was what was best for them but it broke my heart and my daughter was traumatised saying goodbye to them i will never forgive myself nor willsge ever forgive me lwe still think of them all the time. The lady at the charity that we handed them over to held my daughters hands as she was sobbing and screaming for them and promised her that she would always let us know how they were and keep in touch. She messaged me back once 2days after and then she never replied again. I know i couldnt give them what they deserved but we truly loved them and we would desperately love to see how they are we would never do anything to cause anyone a problem we would just love to know they are ok and see photos of them enjoying their lives 馃槉 so im hoping that maybe someone who knows them or knows their owners and could show them this i wouldnt expect to know adresses or anything so their privacy wouldnt be jepordised(they could perhaps email me on here or something...i dont know and i know this is probably a needle in a haystack and nothing will come of it)but i will always be wondering and always thinking about them but never knowing..
If you read all of this...thank you i've added some photos of them too.
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I'm sorry Catherine, but most rescues dont give out details, either to the adoptee, about where the dog came from, or to the person where the dog came from about who it went to, all for rather obvious reasons. I know that sounds hard to you, but a clean break is better for both people and dogs.

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Hi John, thank you for the reply, i totally get that and like i said i would never invade someones privacy and if the owners wished to not contact me or communicate then i would completly respect that and i would accept it and i'd never look for them again, If im honesy I think it was worse because this lady had promised my daughter that she would stay in touch and absoloutly gave her word that my daughter could email any time and she would act as a 3rd party for an update and photos as they stay in the dogs life for the remainder, so why lie and especially to a child when i say my daughter was heartbroken i think its the worse thing i've ever witnessed 馃槶 I did write them a letter in with all their belongings..obviously with no contact details because i wanted them to know they had come from a loving home and if love alone was enough to keep them we would never have been in that situation.
I wouldnt want to meet them or any thing like that i would never want to cause any upset or distress or confuse Bella and Bea either. Just to know how they are and what their life is like...what they look like now...i know i failed them and i will always have to live with that 馃槳 i know this was my doing and obviously i still want whats best for them. But I do think about them all the time.
Kind regards.

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I just cannot imagine what you've been through or are going through.

You've been incredibly honest and fair play to you.
I would also commend you for taking the noble approach of ensuring they went to a good rescue and for keeping them in your heart. Clearly that was the right thing to do in your circumstance at that time, it was the ONLY thing you could do by the sounds of it and you did the best for all parties welfare.

I'm sure they are fine, well and living it large...... be thankful for that.
It's probably better for you and them that your search doesn't bear fruit; I don't mean that nasty just I think closure is needed.
They were (are) a lovely looking pair of dogs and would have found a home quick sharp.

Finally I want to say to you --- forgive yourself because it sounds like you continue to beat yourself up. That is no good for you or anyone else involved.
Once you've done that, you are stronger and who knows, maybe you'll see your circumstances are good enough to do some rescuing of your own in the future WHEN or IF you can.

Good luck
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