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Wow! have i seen some scenery today!! We left Paul & Liz's this morning and headed up the M6 and after some disagreement over the map-reading (again) we arrived in what Paul said was the Lake District. At first there was no sign of any lakes just lots of big hills! I think they wanted to show me something called ducks and swans at a place called Bowness, but couldn't find a place to park the car, so sadly i didn't see them :( we carried on and went up a very steep hill called the Kirkstone Pass

and it was breathtaking! Some of the hills were that high the tops were covered in clouds - I could have sat and watched them for ages

When we got to the top we parked at the Kirkstone Inn car park for some dinner - I was amazed, Paul didn't go in! Sadly Paul & Liz realised that they had left Shadow's halti and lead at home :(

As we set off coming down the other side, Paul suddenly braked hard and jumped out to take a quick photo - just as well my seat belt was on

Apparently this was looking towards a place called Ullswater that we were heading for.

When we got to Ullswater we drove all along the lakeside - it was beautiful and stopped in a lay by and walked the few steps onto the shore. There were some big steps for my little Paws so Liz helped me down. At first I didn't want to get my paws wet

but gradually I got more confident, although Paul wouldn't let me go in, this was the closest i came

After a while of splashing about and laughing at Shadow enjoying his paddling, we all piled back into the car and set off. We came across a lovely village at the top of the lake called Pooley Bridge, and surprise, surprise, Paul found a pub with a nice beer garden :lol: We went and sat down and Paul took me to go and get Shadow out of the car, which was quite funny because he had to take his belt off to loop through Shadow's collar. I made some new friends inthe car park

Liz took a good photo of me, Shadow & Paul (and a lovely pint of Jennings' CragRat!!), then it was time to get back in the car and head up to Penrith and join the M6 and come home! I slept most of the way home and have become known as Sparko Barco!!

Another lovely day and it didnt rain either. Think I'll need a few days to recover from all the excitement from the last couple of days :lol: Wonder if Paul would take me to work?! :D
Well thats all everyone, take care and big woofs and licks,
Barco Polo xx

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Hi Barco,

Looks like you have been thoroughly spoilt this week hey!

You've certainly taken to this travelling thing well, you're going to need a set of hiking sticks at this rate! :lol:

The Lake District does like lovely, you didn't fancy a quick dip then? :p

I see you got yourself a nice pint at the end of it - you're gonna have to detox next week you know! :lol: :lol:

Have fun - if you do go to Paul's work have a great day!

Julie & Brad
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