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the pain saga continues but we think we may have narrowed down the problem... I am curious to know if anyone else has experience or has had similar issues here.

Long long story short, over the past 4 months, our (now 8 month old) pup has had bouts of limping and lameness that last a few days. To date, no Vet can properly "diagnose" what the problem is. They have done x'rays and his hips and knees seem fine. Three vets and no solid diagnosis later, I took the pup to a dog physio, who has actually been able to help him greatly with alleviating the pain in the past... the last time this happend (last month) she suggested its one of the muscles that runs from the knee to the back of the leg... she refered me to our fourth vet so far. He could not make a diagnosis and said he has no idea why he is limping and thinks the only thing we could do is put him under full anesthesia and do a full body x-ray or mri... which, considering his young age and the fact that his joints apparently seem fine, we are not too keen on doing yet

this week he is having another bout of pain, so we went back to the vet first: again, lots of stares and "Hmmm's" and no solid diagnosis. The vets have no idea. So we went back to the Physio again today and she also thinks - once again - its the muscle - so she re adjusted his back and did some treatments including acupuncture and he should be better in 2 days...

in the mean time, we are a bit puzzled about what to do next. Our gut feeling says just to let him get better, and watch him and hope it doesn't happen again. Another part of us worries its something more serious which might require some kind of surgery.

Has anyone had any experience with Muscle issues that seemed like joint issues but were later diagnosed to merely be muscle issues which ended up resolving themselves?
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