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Good morning :)

Twig (our 10 week old Lab) is desperate to get up the stairs. We have four cats and we would really like part of the house to be available to them - dog free so they can feel safe. So I guess there are two issues, one- Twig chasing them. Even when we try and distract him he still goes after them. When he's tired he is very half hearted about it. The cats are getting used to him, but we've always had older dogs who were put firmly in their place by Boris (an old cat who is sadly no longer with us) so they ignored the cats. Of course to Twig, I'm assuming he wants to play, as he would have done with his siblings when he was still with them. So, we have decided to put a baby-gate at the top of our stairs (logistically it wont fit anywhere else) but is there a difference in strength and robustness between a baby gate and a dog gate?
I know we will need to work on his instinct to chase, but we also need to ensure he doesn't get into the bedrooms as we don't want him going in them (well until he a lot older).


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Both are normally quite strong enough. Dog gates are usually taller than baby gates, but baby gates are often cheaper. I use a baby gate, but mount it on the second step of the stairs, and never had a problem.

PS. The piece of wood behind the bottom of the gate fills the gap and makes it easier on my feet, rather than having to stand on that bar which runs across the bottom

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