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Kenine that lady(Bella)
Father:Tagabea Defoe at Jasueter
Grandparents:FTCH Willowyck Ruff,FTW Tagabea Jen
Great Grandparents:FTCH Willowyck Henman,Cleeve Nestle,FTCH Hatchfield Feargal,FTCH Pinnock Chiffon of Tagabea.
Great Great Grandparents:FTCH Pocklea Remus,Dagleys Girl,FTCH Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck,Sullyshill Adder,FTCH Kenue Fir of Leadburn,FTCH Lettermore Tide of Hatchfield,FTCH Willowyck Lyn,Sevenwells Ginny.
Great Great Great Grandparents:FTCH Haretor mark od Drakeshead,Drakeshead Gypsy,FTCH Lettermore Trout,Flashmount Tare ,FTCH Shinshail Apache,Swinbrook Stonefly,FTCH Haretor mark od Drakeshead,Birdsbrook Crystal of Sullyshill,FTCH Theoweir Turramurra Teal,FTCH Croftwiet Solo,FTCH Pocklea Remus,Lettermore Hope,Searchins Beaver,FTCH Willowyck Favor,FTCH Seasway Faldo of Birdsbrook,Beeholme Annie.
Mother:Kenmillix Junipar
Grandparents:Glebemoore Tweed,Kenmillto Peony.
Great Grandparents:Ketleys Petrel,Mugdrum Andromache,Millcottage Barley of Dykraw,Susies Surprise
Great Great Grandparents:Tofts Chance of Mirstan,Ketleys Nutmeg,Glenbriar Sunny of Kilpunt,Lochmuir Linnet,Artistryn Bryn of Pasturelands,Millcottage Daisy,Ben of Eavesford,Birdbrook Finlay.
Great Great Great Grandparents:FTCH Brook of Blakemere,Blackberry of Tofts,Swinbrook Drake of Mirstan,Renaissance of Ketleys,FTCH Glenbriar Dare,IR FTCH Glenbriar Quest,Strathbaan Sam,Redstone Midge,FTCH Tibea Tosh,Cheerful Girl of Artistryn,FTCH Middlegate Dexter of Drakeshead,Long Staff Lady,Leawyn Leaver,Eavesford Holly,FTCH Seasway Faldo of Birdbrook,Birdbrook Trick of Hamford.[align=justify]
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