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Hi everyone

just wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience of recurring lipoma's?

Sasha had her first removed from her gum in 2001, and at the time, we were told they could crop up again and again in various places, but would be of no harm to her as they are totally benign.

We found her 2nd back in January which was in her right armpit. They removed this at the same time as performing her TPLO in February, and again it came back as benign.

Now we think we have found a 3rd located just underneath her ribcage, and this is visible to the eye. When Sasha had a check up for her knee op, I asked the vet about it and he agreed that again it would be a lipoma, and it would be best to leave it alone unless it starts to cause discomfort or pain.

Also Sasha has also always had moles on her face, but recently, a fleshly pink one has appeared on her snout just below her nose.

Does anyone know anything about this condition?
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