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I am hoping some more experienced lab parents can help me to understand some of Stanley’s behaviour.

He‘s an 18 months old, neutered (at 12 month), raw fed (since 12 weeks old) black lab.

This past 2 months he has had a few episodes of sickness/regurgitation. It tends to happen at night. It tends to be yellow bile with bits of bone in it which I think is the sickness and on occasion it has been a small amount of food which I think is regurgitatio. It isn’t every night and he is healthy, active and his usual self.

He eats a lot of grass when out on walks and first thing on a morning. He whines so I let him out and he goes all around the borders of the garden eating grass. When he comes in his tummy is gurgling. He isn’t sick though.

We are thinking of visiting the vet but I know she will tell me to take him off the raw diet. I don’t mind changing his food if I need to but I wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences.

He has a bonio at bedtime at 10. He has hollings dried sausage, schmackos & gravy bones for training treats. He has 454g raw meal at 6:30am and the same again at 4:30pm.

His toileting is usually firm and on occasion crumbly which is due to the bone content in his raw diet I was told. Recently he has been more loose and smelly. Not all the time though.

I have uploaded a recent pic.

Thanks for reading.
Lisa & Stanley


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