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My friends and I have gone a bit agility mad, so when we saw this competition almost on our doorsteps we thought we would have to give it a go. I just received my entry form and now I am wondering what I have done.

First, I've received a commentary card on which I have to write something interesting about Merlin, because they are going to talk about us while we run! Argh! Then I realised the show is part of a Game and Country Fair (I thought it was separate) and so we are going to have the general public watching us too!

To top it off all my classes have only a single class between them, so its - run, watch a class, run, watch a class, run, etc, etc. As there are only between 7 and 9 dogs in each class (except for large where I get a breather of 27), I am going to be running virtually on top of myself!

Oh well, no doubt we will have fun. I'm mainly doing this for the experience, and it will be that! I haven't told my friends all this yet as they might not come! :roll:
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