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As most of you will know, just recently, a much loved labrador called Poppy, went to the Rainbow Bridge. When we have to say goodbye to a loved one, it is never easy. We take comfort in the wonderful memories that we have, and those memories will stay with us forever.

Here is a very special poem written by Poppy's owner, Hazel.


27.05.96 ~ 21.05.05​

Why did you have to leave me
You’ve broken mummy’s heart
I thought we had much longer
Before we had to part

We are sorry we had to leave you
The night before your op
The torment in my heart
I know it will never stop

But as you were so poorly
You had to stay with the vet
We were trying to make you better
You were such a special pet

I feel ever so guilty
I wasn’t there for you in the end
I couldn’t even say goodbye
To my loving and loyal friend

I can’t see a way forward
I want you back with me
To take you on your field
To go running off your lead

I want you back to cuddle
To bunky up on the bed
So we can go night-nights together
As I softly stroke your head

I miss you playing with daddy
Playing raggy on the rug
Then getting all tired out
And falling asleep ever so snug

We miss your silly runs
Running round and round
Your big clumsy paws
Pounding on the ground

We will never forget you
Even though we’ve had to part
But it will take time
To mend our broken hearts

So please come back and visit
And let us know you’re still here
Loving thoughts and memories of you
We will always hold so dear

Hazel- They will not go quietly, the dogs who've shared our lives. In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still make us think we hear a barking at the door. Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be, And sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, that one place in our hearts belongs to them... and always will. Sometimes it helps just to know someone cares... and we all do.​

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So beautifully put and something all of us who've loved and lost share and feel with you. Thank you for being brave enough to share it with us.

Hazel, your beautiful, clever, funny girl Poppy will be with you always - in your words and in your heart.

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Hazel, such beautiful words and a great tribute to the obvious wonderful relationship you shared with your girl. It certainly had me in tears.

With our thoughts and prayers
Lucy and Mario x

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Hazel, that is such a beautiful poem - I can't seem to find the right words to say, but please know that I am thinking of you and of the best friend, Poppy, who will stay close in your heart forever.

Big hugs and take good care of yourself,

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Hello everyone. May i first say thanks to you all for being ever so supportive at my time of need. I am coping better now. It's still hard as i expect her to be there, only yesterday we had a bbq wake for her with our neighbours who lost their beloved lab JJ last year. With all the spare bits of meat i was looking for Poppy each time. My friend said she does it a year on, it never leaves you.

As it was her birthday the day before I bought a birthday cake in remembrance of her and we all had a piece. Raised a few glasses in her memory too.

I dont know whether it's too soon but we have already been looking at puppies. I just cant cope alone here as i dont work. It will never take her place or stop me thinking of her but i am sure she would want me to give all the love i have to another doggy. We saw one yesterday and she was a beautiful 5 month old sweetheart. It was lovely to hold a lab again, i was almost in tears but her antics made me smile. I felt guilty for smiling at her, i supose this is normal but she brought a smile back i thought id never see again. We couldn't take her because she'd hurt her leg and the breeder wants to make sure shes just hurt it playing and its nothing more serious. We also have a 7 week old pup to see today and some 8 week pups next week if there ar any left. We may end up with the 5 month and a pup. If we do it is going to be so busy round here.

We just worry that if we only get 1 thenwhen she goes to join poppy we'll have that emptyness which we cant stand.

Has anyone else looked at puppies so soon, i feel guilty for doing it but i so need a companion.

Love Hazelx

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hi hazel
its so good to hear from you. you have absolutly no reason to feel guilty about looking at other pups. you gave poppy a wonderful life and im sure that it is her guiding you to a new forever friend. she would not want to see you lonely and will always be with you. if it feels right to you then do it. we are all behind you 100% in what you decide.
take care xxx

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Hi Hazel,

So good to hear from you........

I can only ditto Jane's post. Poppy knows how much love you can give, she will always have hers from you.....she would also want you to give a lucky new pup the same she had / s.
You don't need to feel guilty, as Jane said, Poppy wouldn't want you to be sad or lonely. And knows she will be there with you and your new forever friend to help and enjoy. She would want a puppy to have you as their mum anyway and would only see it as a new brother or sister.

If it is right for you, then follow your heart.

Keep in touch

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Yes I did start to find another dog a week after my Sophie died. Basically my husband dragged me out of the house to rescue centres as I was coping so badly being without a dog. Within two weeks we found Milly a labbie/goldie cross, 3 months old, at a rescue centre and she came home with us. A year after that we got Coco, a choccie lab.
Sophie is still with me as Poppy is with you. She always will be. I can see bits of Sophie in both of my new dogs which remind me of her always.
Follow your heart (that's where Poppy is so whatever you do will be right for you and her). Keep smiling at the thoughts of the happy times you and Poppy had together and the ones still to come.
Keep us posted and take care...
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