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Don't quite know where to post this, but behaviour it is so here goes..

I don't know anything about Lincoln's background as he was a rescue from Dog's trust, just know he came over from Ireland..and he was about 1 year old when we met :)

Ok, from what I see of him and comparing him to others he seems small for a boy and slightly built, i presume from working type lines?
what i have noticed is that he is in his element when we are walking the fields and river bank and he gets on the scent of pheasants and ducks, his tail goes into 'whirlygig' mode and he is off..nose down and just loves birds flying off in all directions. He becomes a totally different dog..and u can just see this is what he was born to do

at other times he will stand motionless and sniff ..and then invariably put up a pheasant..

he has no interest in rabbits..when we walk the local common where there are hundreds he seems mildly amused by them..but seldom even changes direction to follow..he did the same with some deer we shared a field with the other day..he sniffed them but just watched them hopskip away..

I guess my question are some dogs just natural bird dogs?, people i meet with other labs say theirs will chase rabbits..or not chase anything..or dont seem to have a clue..

Luckily where I live he has ample opportunity to fulfill his love of birds, but got me thinking what if he had never been able to use his talents?
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