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  1. Labrador Photography
    Hi all, I hope that everyone is keeping well? I thought I'd share a couple of recent photos of Holly, she's almost 7 months old now. Where does the time go?
  2. Labrador Photography
    We had some nice sunlight this evening as we walked Holly on Strensall common. The farmer has moved his Sheep elsewhere, so Holly has a little more freedom to run around.
  3. Labrador Photography
    Today we brought home our new Lab puppy, Holly. We've had 2 or 3 wees on the carpet so far and she's not taking much notice of our voices. But, she seems to be much calmer than when we went to view her. Holly the Labrador puppy by Andy Aveyard, on Flickr Holly by Andy Aveyard, on Flickr
  4. General Lab Chat
    Hi all, We lost Kia, our lovely yellow Lab around 5 years ago, when she was just a few days short of her 15th birthday. Doesn't it break your heart when you lose your pet? Jill and I are now at the point of looking for another yellow Lab bitch. We're just a few miles north of York, and...
  5. Yo

    New Additions
    Well pretty much first timer, But just thought i'd share lil tobes which grown fair bit now =D He was about size of my palm when we first got him, Only about 4 and half months now but He's still gorgeous lil pup in our eyes :cool: he's crazy lil hypa devil now :p Hope the pictures work :)...
1-5 of 5 Results