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  1. Pet Walkers
    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed the summer weather has officially gone! And I think I'm going to buy myself some brand new walking boots for my countryside dog walks. I am going to be buying from this site - - but I was wondering if anyone knows which brand of...
  2. General Lab Chat
    Hi Guys, I recently posting a topic bout being frustrated walking my puppy choc lab dog, as he would stop and sniff everything. The general consensus of advice was be patient and enjoy the walks instead of rushing them, and I have took that on board and enjoyed the walks more. I recently...
  3. Behaviour
    Hi guys, Had my choc lab puppy spud since 8 weeks and he is now 15 weeks old and walking him is getting no easier, it's really frustrating me to the point I hate walking him. He constantly stops and sniffs everything, I can't go a few steps without him stopping and sniffing the floor, wall...
1-3 of 3 Results