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  1. General Lab Chat
    I appreciate that the pros and cons of neutering have been discussed many times but I did do a search and couldn’t find one focused on this aspect. I have a 14 month old lab from working stock who I’m training to be a gundog. He’s my first lab and I’ve never trained a gundog before. I think...
  2. Puppy Stuff
    Hi everyone, I am brand new here and wanted to introduce myself and Murphy, who is a beautiful 11 week old black Lab. Myself and my partner have both had Labs before, mine being a family pet so I was not involved in the early training, and my partner got his Lab cross at around 6 months as a...
  3. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I've been on the forum for a couple of months now and I've found the information invaluable so I thought I would stop being a lurker and say hi to everyone. We were going to get one black Labrador but when we arrived at the breeder's house, we ended up taking two dogs which...
  4. Training
    Does anyone know a good gun dog trainer in Richmond or Windsor? Thanks in advance!
  5. General Lab Chat
    Hello, Our Labrador turned 1 last week. In comparison to some stories I hear he is very chilled out. We dont have children and he goes on atleast 1 big walk a day. He has been crate trained since the day we got him and at the start this was obviously quite difficult when we went out. We...
  6. Puppy Stuff
    Good morning :) Twig (our 10 week old Lab) is desperate to get up the stairs. We have four cats and we would really like part of the house to be available to them - dog free so they can feel safe. So I guess there are two issues, one- Twig chasing them. Even when we try and distract him he...
  7. Puppy Stuff
    We recently bought a black lab, Oakey, and he's settling in slowly. We are struggling however with leaving him on his own without him yelping the house to its core. Does anyone have views on leaving a radio on when we leave him?
  8. Puppy Stuff
    Puppy food advice please! Hi everyone, I am about to get my first puppy (a black lab bitch) she is 5 weeks old now and I will get her just after she has turned 8 weeks. I am just trying to get everything ready for her arrival. With regards to feeding her what is the best food to give her? She...
1-8 of 11 Results