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  1. Puppy Stuff
    Hi everyone Hope you're all well 😃 Twig is now 10 weeks old and is into everything. We have toys for him to chew but he's taken a liking to plastic plant pots in the garden. This may sound like a daft question but is it ok to let him chew things like this. I've seen footage of pups playing...
  2. Puppy Stuff
    I'm planning on crate training my puppy but have a couple of questions about it. Having done lots of reading, I've decided to have him in our room at first, but when he's settled into his new home, move him downstairs. Would it be best to move him downstairs as quickly as possible (within a...
  3. Puppy Stuff
    Hi! im not sure if i'm posting this in the right place or not. I am looking for a yellow Labrador puppy, however really struggling to find any in Scotland. If anyone knows of anywhere they could direct me to where I might find some luck that would be massively appreciated :)! Thanks Cameron
  4. General Lab Chat
    Hi all, We lost Kia, our lovely yellow Lab around 5 years ago, when she was just a few days short of her 15th birthday. Doesn't it break your heart when you lose your pet? Jill and I are now at the point of looking for another yellow Lab bitch. We're just a few miles north of York, and...
1-4 of 5 Results