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  1. Pet Paintings
    Hello, This is our little pup. She’s 5 week old. As you can see her nose is a little patchy. Her litter mates seem to have all dark black noses. Do you think her nose will darken or become more even or will it always be patchy? Rainey
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone . After losing my Golden retriever 18mths ago the time has come to move on and replace her and as I had a Yellow Lab before the goldie I felt I should get another as it was a wonderful dog and brilliant with my children . So off I popped and found my new Yellow lab and collect...
  3. Health Issues
    We really could use some input! Does anybody recognise this health issue?? Our lab Bickel is 12 years old and 6 months ago she suddenly had a thick nose and eye. After antibiotics it disappeared (we don't know if this was due to the antibiotics or not), but a few months later came back. It has...
1-3 of 3 Results