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  1. Over exercised puppy

    Puppy Stuff
    I'm new to Labrador Forums and to keeping a Lab. Our male Lab is just 6 months old and, since lockdown began, my family has got used to walking him twice a day, morning and afternoon (dutifully divided between family members!). Each walk has been between 30 mins to 1 hour. He was running quite a...
  2. back leg muscle problems

    Health Issues
    the pain saga continues but we think we may have narrowed down the problem... I am curious to know if anyone else has experience or has had similar issues here. Long long story short, over the past 4 months, our (now 8 month old) pup has had bouts of limping and lameness that last a few days...
  3. Puppy hurt her leg, should I take her to vet?

    Puppy Stuff
    Hi everyone, My 14 week old black lab pup was playing with my friends 9 month old fox red pup and they were playing happily. Now my puppy is quite boisterous and play got a bit rough, and she got pinned down by the bigger pup a couple of times. There was never any yelps or anything and tails...