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  1. Dog Food
    Hi guys, I read this article about dangerous human food for our dogs :( Say me, please, what else is bad for our little friends? Best, Lawrence
  2. Diet & Nutrition
    My 7 month old black lab Nola has gone off her food (again) She has always been a slow fussy eater not at all like a normal Labrador at all! She doesn't get many treats during the day, she occasionally gets a rawhide chewing stick, also a couple of shapes fist thing in the morning and last...
  3. Health Issues
    We have a 8 month old gorgeous black lab boy who has always been fed dry kibble and has loved it up until 2 months ago. For some reason he's stopped eating it. It's although he finds it difficult to bite it, if that makes sense. He has been on hypoallergenic food due to possible allergies so we...
  4. Puppy Stuff
    I have a lovely 4.5 month old black lab, she is currently being fed 3 times a day with Millie's Wolfheart riverside mix. (Incase anyone wanted to know) I am a farmer which is a very busy job and I am always out and about, in different machines and places. She comes with me wherever I go and...
  5. Puppy Stuff
    Puppy food advice please! Hi everyone, I am about to get my first puppy (a black lab bitch) she is 5 weeks old now and I will get her just after she has turned 8 weeks. I am just trying to get everything ready for her arrival. With regards to feeding her what is the best food to give her? She...
  6. Diet & Nutrition
    I have a 16 weeks old female Labrador, and I am currently feeding her Royal Canin Labrador puppy food, and adding NatureDiet wet food, how long should I still feed her with these for? Could I possibly move on to some home made meals as well such as; rice, chicken, pasta etc? How could I...
1-6 of 7 Results