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  1. Gone off her food... Advice please!

    Diet & Nutrition
    My 7 month old black lab Nola has gone off her food (again) She has always been a slow fussy eater not at all like a normal Labrador at all! She doesn't get many treats during the day, she occasionally gets a rawhide chewing stick, also a couple of shapes fist thing in the morning and last...
  2. Reducing Puppy feeding to twice a day?

    Puppy Stuff
    I have a lovely 4.5 month old black lab, she is currently being fed 3 times a day with Millie's Wolfheart riverside mix. (Incase anyone wanted to know) I am a farmer which is a very busy job and I am always out and about, in different machines and places. She comes with me wherever I go and...
  3. Fussy Pup won't eat food... Advice please!!

    Puppy Stuff
    Good evening everyone, My pup Nola is now 12 weeks old, when I first got her she would eat her dry food with no problems. She developed a urine infection and had to take tablets and to get her to eat them while I was at work she was given them with puppy dog meat. Now she has become very fussy...
  4. Puppy Food and

    Puppy Stuff
    Puppy food advice please! Hi everyone, I am about to get my first puppy (a black lab bitch) she is 5 weeks old now and I will get her just after she has turned 8 weeks. I am just trying to get everything ready for her arrival. With regards to feeding her what is the best food to give her? She...