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  1. Diet & Nutrition
    Chocolate Raisin Grape Onion Macadamia nuts Alcohol these foods are toxic for dog
  2. General Lab Chat
    Hi, my labrador is 7 and has a few fatty lumps, I am looking to change her food to maybe help and not sure on what is best, grain free, hypoallergenic or which brand. She is on tails at the moment, also is quite sensitive. Thanks!
  3. Dog Food
    Hello. We have a 7 year old male labrador (not a working one) who has been fed for many years on Arden Grange dry lamb and rice. Lately we have noticed that on his walk, his poos become much softer after his first one with no form at all on his 3rd and 4th. We swapped onto John Burns which...
1-3 of 3 Results