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black lab

  1. Black puppy from brown parents?

    Hi all, I'm hoping that somebody could help me get my head around this. We have been looking to buy a black lab puppy and have come across a private breeder selling her family pet chocolate lab's puppies. She has a litter of 7, of which six are black and only one is chocolate. The breeder claims...
  2. Shedding is becoming a nightmare

    General Lab Chat
    Hi, i have a 3 year old Black Labrador called Jazzy. I love her to bits and she has been in the family for just over 2 years. We have an issue with her moulting so much its getting troublesome with the constant sweeping and hoovering up, as she walks it just falls off and we must sweep/hoover...
  3. Concerns over neutering - Male lab

    Puppy Stuff
    Hi there, We have a 6 month old male Labrador puppy called Reuben and are thinking about getting him neutered. I just wanted a little bit of advice over conflicting advice on the web. Reuben hasn't started cocking his leg yet. Do we have to wait until he does this before we get him done...
  4. Gums on a Black Lab?

    Health Issues
    this may seem like a silly question but I do not know anyone else with a black lab. I have a black lab, and his gums are mostly... .well... black :) and a bit of pink, but mostly dark. Is this because he is a black lab? he has been that way till the start... the reason I am asking is because...