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  1. Behaviour
    Hello everyone, My Labrador is 7 months old. We generally have had puppy mouthing under control but when she turned 6 months she started having outbursts where she would jump up and try to bite and during this 'outburst' it is difficult to get her to stop. This usually happens when she is...
  2. General Lab Chat
    HI, this is my first thread for burno (2 yr male) lately he is been so aggressive , im writing this literaly with my arm bleeding from his current bite only because I showed him my hand. sometimes he is very lovable and play a lot and sometime he growls . from past few weeks his growls have...
  3. Puppy Stuff
    just curious here... our pup is now 8 months and he is STILL chewing everything he sees. Luckily so far not too much of our furniture has been affected, although he has chewed the moulding on the back of a door, as well as the first step on the staircase. He did those things when we were not...
1-3 of 4 Results