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  1. Looking at our 1st Lab puppy, any advice?

    Hi, My wife and myself have decided to bring a Labrador into our lives and home and are currently looking at our options on finding a puppy. As we are new to this the research points out to a lot of pit holes in illegal breeding etc. I would appreciate any advice on finding a puppy and on when...
  2. Giardia Treatment

    Health Issues
    Hello Everyone My 31.5 kg lab has been diagnosed with Giardiasis. An initial three-day treatment of Panacur did not work, so the vet has put him on 1600 mg of metronidazole per day (two 400 mg tablets twice daily), for 20 days. This seems like an awful lot of antibiotics for a dog - has anyone...
  3. Puppy Food and

    Puppy Stuff
    Puppy food advice please! Hi everyone, I am about to get my first puppy (a black lab bitch) she is 5 weeks old now and I will get her just after she has turned 8 weeks. I am just trying to get everything ready for her arrival. With regards to feeding her what is the best food to give her? She...
  4. Need urgent advice

    General Lab Chat
    Would really appreciate some advice and opinions.. Tomorrow I am going to view a 13 month old black lab... Which was being trained as a detection dog but lacked "drive". Not too sure what this means ? , Are there any reasons that you can think of why the dog may have been stopped from detection...