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Come on in, tell us about yourself and your darling labbies.
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General Lab Chat

Discuss Labradors in all their glory or just general chit chat about anything.
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Lab Link Rescue & Lab Rescue

A forum dedicated to Lab Link Rescue, general Lab Rescue including chats and any updates.
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Top Lab Tips

Got any useful tips / hints to share about anything to do with your labs, then post away in here.
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Field Trials & Gundog Work

Any posts relating to using labradors in field trials and as gun dogs.
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Pet Paintings

Posts relevant to paintings of your labs
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Labradors Lost & Found

Please post any information regarding Lost or Found Labradors in here.
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Dog Shows & Competitions

Anything show related, forthcoming events & competitions.
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Pet Walkers

Posts relevant to companies offering Labrador Walking services
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Please post anything related to breeding in this forum. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a place you can advertise Labradors for sale. Any such adverts will be removed.
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Advertiser Offers

Offers from our advertisers go in here. Admin posting only.
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Puppy Stuff

Post any questions you may have regarding your puppy, and anything else puppy related.
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Lab Sitters

If you're looking for some one to look after your lab who lives in your area, whilst your away from home, then post a request in here.
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The Labrador Retriever Family Tree Forum

Discover your Labs ancestory within the 'Lab Forums Family Tree Section'. Submit your labs details, or make enquires.
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New Additions

This forum has been set up specifically for litter photos/new additions. It is not a way to advertise your puppies. Please read disclaimer within forum for more information. Please note: This forum is accessible to Subscribers only.
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Guide Dogs Forum

Posts pertaining to the Guide Dogs
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Hearing Dogs Forum

Posts pertaining to Hearing Dogs
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Other Assistance Dogs Forum

This is a forum dedicated to any other assistance dog and the work they carry out.
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It's A Dogs Life

A Forum Dedicated To Your Dog - We would love to hear from 'them', get them to tell us all their stories/news here!
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Dog Friendly Holidays

Stayed in a good bed and breakfast, hotel, holiday somewhere that was dog friendly ? Let everyone know in here
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Got any pet related goods you want to sell on or need something in particular, then post about it in here. No Trade Adverts
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Labrador Photography

This forum is dedicated to all those special Labrador Photos along with tips, hints & general discussion in photography.
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Dogs in Rescue Needing Homes

Posts about dogs that are in rescue who need forever homes
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Health & Fitness

Diet & Nutrition

What do you feed your Lab? This forum is dedicated to anything related to Diet & Nutrition. If your labrador has any specific dietary requirements, you may like to search/post in our 'Special Diets & Slimming Tips' forum below.
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Special Diets & Slimming Tips

A forum dedicated to all sorts of special diets, slimming, diabetic, food allergies etc and a chance for you to learn more about what works for other people and their labs. Share your experiences & ask all your Q's here.
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Health Issues

Lab feeling run down, health worries, questions etc, post them in here.
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Rainbow Bridge

Somewhere to chat about the labs you loved and lost.
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Pet Insurance

Any posts relating to Pet insurance are within. Remember we have a our very own Pet Insurance company directory
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Bradleys Kitchen

Got any doggy recipes to share, post them in here
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Dog Food

Post in here about any experiences you have had with any brands of dog food with your lab
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Post in here about any dietary supplements for Dogs
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Training & Behaviour


Any training hints/tips or questions.
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Any hints/tips or questions relating to Behaviour.
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Agility And Flyball

Anything related to agility & flyball or any other dog sports.
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Training Days

Would you like your Labrador to have some training? This forum is especially for anyone wanting to let our members know about any training days that may be taking place. Trainers organising such events are welcome to post details relating to this. Disclaimer : Please be aware that Labrador Forums has not assessed any of these training days/events & cannot be held responsible for the level of training, safety, people cancelling etc etc.,
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Lab Gear

Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Chat about labrador collars, leads and Harnesses. Which ones have you tried ? Were they any good ?
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Toys & Chews

Chat about what dog toys and chews that your lab loves
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Dog Beds

Chat about dog beds for your lab in here
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Post relevant to Kennel usage, kennels etc
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Dog Grooming

chat about grooming aids, brushes/combs, shedding blades in here
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Book & DVD 'Library'

Are you looking for a lab/dog related book or DVD? Why not see if someone has it and would be able to loan it to you? Alternatively, you might like to swap books/dvd's. Just post in here. (Pls note, LF are not responsible for any lost/stolen books/dvd's)
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Pet Products & Services Reports

Post in here your comments about how good or bad a particular labrador related companies products or services are. We also have a UK Pet Directory where you can add companies in and then leave feedback for them
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Labrador Get Togethers

Lab Liasons & Get Togethers

A forum dedicated to our very own get togethers, information, dates, events, and everything else related.
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Lab Laughs & Fun Stuff

Especially for Labradorks

Has your Lab done something funny lately? Share all your funny and crazy Lab tales here.
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Competition Time

Details inside of all our competitions.
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Birthdays & Special Occasions

A Forum dedicated to birthdays & special occasions - your labs & yours!
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Barco Polos Great Adventures

Especially for Barco Polo's Adventures, anything related to his travels, photos, your stories of places you have visited with him & all his travel tales.
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The Adventures of Phileas Dog

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Vendor Deals

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Labrador Forums Help Desk

Got problems with any aspect of the website, let us know in here. If you need to know how to upload pictures to the site, add photos to your posts, or upload an avatar, info is in here.
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  1. Hi all I am a member of old but haven’t been on the forum for a good while now due to new baby. But I know this is the place to come for concrete advice!! Sorry this is long! My lovely furry boy Monty is 5 years old now and we got him at an extremely stressful time when I was diagnosed with...
  2. Puppy Stuff
    Hi, We are at the early stages of looking to buy our first family dog. After research we have settled on a Labrador (good with children, family dog, active) We live in a village setting with plenty of outside space and as a family really enjoy being outdoors and active, I enjoy running. I have...
  3. Diet & Nutrition
    Our 20 week pup has been fed Lilys kitchen Chicken&salmon puppy food since we got him, without any problems. He is a typical hungry little lab and has been putting about a kilo a week on. The feeding chart for weight - age is saying to feed him less now that he is 20 wks & 16.6kilo. Does anyone...
  4. Hello Labrador Forums new friends. This is my first post here. Thank you to all who have put in so much time and effort to make these forums an amazing resource for less-informed individuals like myself! I am preparing to purchase a labrador retriever here in USA. I have found a breeder that...
  5. General Lab Chat
    I am looking for a black or yellow lab breeder that breeds for health, and then temperament. I am looking for a smaller framed British lab. Blood trailing, and retrieving. I prefer a dog that is not wound tight for field trials. Hunting parents is a must. Do yall have any recommendations on...
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