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duckpizza 12-02-2007 10:32 AM

Is Megan TOO friendly???
Megan is now 4 months old and settling in to our home beautifully. She has been fully vaccinated and going out on a daily walk for 2 weeks now. She is a very confident little girl and loves meeting new people and dogs. She loves it so much, in fact, that she only has to glimpse another dog/owner in the far distance and she is OFF!! She is more than happy to run the equivalent length of a football field in order to say hello and becomes entirely deaf to my calls to her to come back!! I have to go over and get her - it is not as if she is trying to evade me, I think, it is just that she sees someone, and gets tunnel vision. I have to go right over to her to get her attention focused back on me (with her fave titbit of cheese cubes) and it is like she goes - "oh hello! I forgot about you!" Once I have her attention back on me and her treats, she sticks with me (until we meet the next person). Even if I spot someone before she does, and I start jumping around and making myself over the top exciting to distract her, it does not work.
If she happens to be on the lead at the time she sees someone, I just get my arm almost yanked out of its socket. If I hang back and wait for her to realise I am not nearby, it does not seem to faze her and she starts following the other dog owner!! That is embarrassing!!
Our garden is not big enough to practise long distance recall so the only time we can do it is when we are out on walks. I am beginning to dread meeting other people/dogs on our walks!! When it is just me and her, she is as good as gold and will come to a recall for a treat any time I want.

Animal-Outings 12-02-2007 10:40 AM

Hehehe I think all labs do this it is there friendly nature and part of socialisation. :D

If you spot a dog get her back to you and then ask the other owners if it is ok for her to play, you will find most say yes, unless they have a dog on lad who can be a bit skitty.

You have to scan before she does. :D

Apologise if she runs up and it is not wanted. :D

Try running in opposite4 direction too that may tempt her back :D

pollymama 12-02-2007 10:49 AM


this is EXACTLY what Polly used to do at that age, and then, quite suddenly she seemed to grow out of it. It's just her wish to meet and greet getting the better of her! She sounds like a lovely friendly girl!

Polly used to also do this if she thought she recognised somebody - you can probably imagine this was quite scary for the unsuspecting human!

she's obviously really good at recall in other situations, so its just a matter of time. I taught Polly 'wait' and when I saw that she'd noticed a dog in the distance I'd give the 'wait' command before she took off in full flight and then rewarded with a squeaky toy (kept in pocket for emergencies). You could try keeping something special for those times only.

I'm afraid I don't have any particularly good methods of avoiding this - other than diversionary tactics - but just to reassure you that it's probably just a phase!

Good luck :D :D

duckpizza 12-02-2007 10:58 AM

Thank you for your swift replies and advice. Much as I am happy that Megan is a friendly, sociable dog, I have found myself waiting for rain to start before taking her out to minimise the number of dogs who will be out for walks at the same time!! Mad or what?
I was out yesterday and watched in horror as Megan ran the width of the park to say hello to a man (not even a dog walker) with WHITE TROUSERS ON!!!!!!!! I could hardly watch!! Luckily he seemed quite enchanted with her (and the new pawprint design on his trousers).
Ho hum!
Aimi and Megan

Topseyt 12-02-2007 11:28 AM

What about using a long line when out in the park. If she then goes deaf to recall (they all do sometimes) then you can still reel her back in.


CharlieBrewer 12-02-2007 11:30 AM

Megan sounds like a very socialble labrador - nowt wrong with that :wink:

However, going out to avoid other dogs wont help anything, it will just make her more intrigued by people and dogs that she meets.

Do you attend dog training classes with her? Do they have any socialising groups that you can attend? She must get an opportunity to socialise the more she does, the more other dogs and people will lose their novelty value to her.

Could you play games with her when out and about so that her focus is on you and not whats around her, then when YOU see other dogs, ask if its ok for her to say hello and then tell her its ok to go and have a play....that way you are still in control and she still gets to play

kurt 12-02-2007 12:31 PM

This is something they all go through and some grow out of. I used to scout the field and pop Simba's lead back on if there were people/dogs around. But the problem is you cannot practice your recall in these exciting situations if you do not go through them regularly. Practice makes perfect so try it everyday.

Simba slowly realised that humans were not very exciting so she wouldn't bother with them (around 7-8 months old). Then I would let her off but show her all the delicious treats I had and if she stayed near me she got some as well as I would run through the woods with her, the kids would be climbing trees, she would be trying to join them. She then would not run off over the field even if another dog was there( around 10-11 months old).

I can remember the embarassing situations when she tried to put her head in a womans shopping bag etc. She still does every now and then run over to another dog but she does come back swiftly when called. They do improve but it is a gradual process. Good luck.


pollymama 12-02-2007 12:36 PM

hehe, :lol: at white trousers Aimi, Polly did this too. He was just a young lad running to catch the metro. Polly thought "woohoo, game on"!!!

don't know who was more embarrassed - me or him. luckily he wasn't the angry type.

Another time P greeted an elderly lady a bit too enthusiastically and knocked her bag out of her hand. :oops: :oops: I was mortified. i got a good telling off from her friend, and probably deserved it, (took my eyes off P for a second!!!

the trials of growing up eh?! :D

puppyparent 12-02-2007 12:39 PM

You've just got one of those incredibly freindly labs...Daisy is EXACTLY the same...but she is getting a little better at 12 months old. Luckily most people are fairly tolerant of an excitable labrador puppy bounding all over them and I've only ever had one run in with someone that wasn't impressed. There is a great response from Di in the behaviour or training forum in response to my post about 11 month old ignoring recall - can't find it at the mo - but have a look - it tells you how to do long line training which may help you out a bit.

For on lead stuff, when she's pulling my arm out of the socket, I finally succumbed and got a Canny collar...they are just fab - but at 4 months old, you may be able to walk more on the heel work and leave command and get it spot on before she gets too big and strong to pull you over!!

Megan sounds JUST like Daisy. I tend to put Daisy on the lead when people without dogs are approaching, as they may not be dog lovers, and leave her off lead if someone with another dog off lead is ahead...and then TRY to get her to wait in a sit until I release her to go say helloi - she's getting better at it slowly....Just carry on training traing training and hopefully she'll gradually calm down.

Goldentouch 12-02-2007 10:16 PM

I put a huge amount of effort into the "leave" command with Leo, to teach him that he must leave other dogs or people alone unless i allow him to "go play"
Labs are brilliant dogs, very friendly, but sometimes their over-friendlyness can get them into trouble. Other peoples dogs may be agressive or not like bouncy puppies racing over to them and snap. So be careful, you don't want your pup having a bad experience as that may really damage him.
Take a lot of time and patience learning them that they aren't allowed to approach or bound over to just anyone and everyone but its very worth the hard work.

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