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tink__ 07-10-2008 10:55 PM

More food advice please, JWB vs Skinners.
Hello again :)

Just after a bit more advice please. We've been to the vets tonight with both dogs as they are suffering from diorrhea quite badly. Anyway thats sorted, and now we are looking at changing Molly's (oldest one, 10months) food.

She has always had a sensitive tummy and has never had formed or solid stools. I have tried every food going, but always tried chicken and rice, never fish, so im going to give it a go!

Im just wondering which should i go for JWB or skinners? The vet said to try the JWB, but its soooo expensive!! He said to use it because its better for her because its been reasearched more.

Ive looked at the ingredients for them both..

Skinners (cant c&p it) -

Ingredients: Rice, ocean white fish meal, barley, potato protein, whole linseed, vegetable gravy, olive oil, peas, fish oil, alfalfa, sodium chloride, natural seaweed, chicory extract, lysine, calcium carbonate, DL-methionine, yucca extract, threonine, JWB special ingredients.

Contains: Min 23% fish, min 28% rice, min 10% barley

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Protein 24%, oil 10%, fibre 3.5%, ash 8%, omega-3 fatty acids 2.1%, omega-6 fatty acids 1.3%.

They both seem ok to me, maybe the jwb a bit better? but im really not sure!! I dont understand the ingredients, all i know is that she needs hypoallergenic and for sensetive tummys. Which one is going to be best for her?

Thanks for any advice, really want to get this sorted :cry:

Joal 07-10-2008 11:09 PM

When it comes to sensitive tums, each dog is different. Alfie too has always had problems: JWB went straight through him, on Skinners he is a lot better. As it's half the price, I'd give it a go.

_Sam_ 07-10-2008 11:10 PM

I have no experience of JWB myself but i do use Skinners.

If you think she has sensitivities i'd recommend trying the field and trial Salmon and rice.

Skinners are very helpful and might be worth contacting them for advice :D

Feebarn 08-10-2008 10:25 AM

You have to buy the food that suits your wallet and your dog.

Sometimes though although the price of the bag of food weight for weight may see a big difference, the quantities of the food you feed will be different so one food type may last longer than the other, so the price is neutralised. Does that make sense?

Take the weight of a bag of food - say 15kg, divide it by the amount of food you would have to feed daily as per the feeding guide. That gives you the amount of days your bag of food will last. Divide the price by the amount of days and you have your price per day.

I did this recently and discoverd that Burns the food that I feed, was 60 something pence a day, which worked out less than a lot of the "cheaper" foods!!!

tink__ 08-10-2008 03:19 PM

Thanks, JWB works out at 1.72 a day for 25days. Skinners works out at 1.17 a day for 25 days, so a bit cheaper but not dramatically, but skinners is cheaper so i will try that one i think, *think* being the word!

Basil 08-10-2008 03:26 PM

Only thing i can add is that JWB do a large kibble bag, a bit gimmicky but having tried it I did feel Basil almost chewed rather than hoovered his food. It just looks more meaningful a food for a big dog than teeny bits of kibble :D

winemedineme69me 08-10-2008 03:30 PM

id forget both brands personslly as i have a dog with a very sensitive tummy and fed both types. the one thing i did learn is its nothing to do with price or quality of ingredients but what suits your dog nothing more. for my boy autarky chudleys and wagg are foods that do not give him the trots but it really is down to trial and error.
personally i think the premium brands are too rich and sometimes the cheap brands with more fillers in binds better with the sensitive tummy

Ambersmum 08-10-2008 04:14 PM

Amber went through a phase of having a sensitive tum and we tried skinners-he poos were still unpredictable and she had awful wind. We have just changed onto JWB (and am managing to get her to actually eat now) and her poos have firmed up and wind has gone. Depends on the dog!

mrsm 08-10-2008 04:51 PM

Have one with sensitive tum and he is fine on both .................not much help to you sorry :lol:

far-far-away-k 08-10-2008 08:20 PM

sorry no sensitive tums here but I do feed skinners and I find it is really good the dogs look fabulous and have plenty of energy. I wonder how much your feeding because a 15kg bag lasts about 6 weeks for me and costs 14.99 so this works out at about 17p per day per dog(2 dogs)!!!! that is literally pennies, I know your looking at a more expensive brand(duck and/or salmon) but it shouldn't add a whole pound per day surely ??????????????

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