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Name: Sponge Cake
Town: Bridgend
County: Neath Port Talbot
Age: 3 Years 0 Months
Rescue: Many Tears Rescue
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>> Maple - Lab Of The Month
Posted by julieadmin on Monday, December 05 @ 10:56:33 EST (3276 reads)
Lab Of The Month Well we have another delightful and deserving winner this month - i am happy to announce that gorgeous Maple is the winner of our Lab of the Month Competition. Well done Maple! Here, Maple's owner Janice tells us why Maple is so special. Janice writes:

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>> Buster - The Incredible 1200 Journey Dog!
Posted by labadmin on Saturday, June 04 @ 19:41:55 EDT (3974 reads)
Lab News Meet Buster, the lost dog that made an incredible 1,200 mile journey from Colorado to California. When Buster the dog disappeared from his home in Colorado, his owner spent hours agonising over his fate. But despite thinking about all different possibilities, including that the beloved Labrador had been stolen or eaten by a lion, Samantha Squires could never have imagined what really happened to him. Six months after Buster Brown vanished from his home in Boulder he was found an astonishing 1,200 miles away in Salinas, California. I have no idea how he would have made it to Salinas, said Mrs Squires. Ive never even heard of it before. Mrs Squires had given up hope of ever seeing her doggy best friend, when she received a letter in the post from an animal shelter.

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>> Welcome To All Our New Staff
Posted by labadmin on Monday, January 31 @ 21:25:57 EST (4896 reads)
Lab News bradleysmum writes "We have the pleasure of welcoming new staff to our forums here at Labrador Forums, we would like to thank them & all our existing staff for all the hard work and dedication they put into the day to day running of LF.

Welcome everyone :)"

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>> Lab Of The Month Nominations
Posted by labadmin on Monday, January 31 @ 21:24:56 EST (5060 reads)
Lab Of The Month bradleysmum writes "We are currently asking anyone who would like to nominate their labrador for the 'Lab Of The Month' award to get in touch. Please attach a photo of your lab along with your story and email it to

One winner will be announced monthly. Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you."

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>> LabTube on Labrador Forums - Video Upload, View, Share
Posted by jamesadmin on Tuesday, May 25 @ 21:23:05 EDT (6162 reads)
Site Updates

Video! Video! Video! The rumours are true and the launch is NOW! Were thrilled to introduce LabTube on Labrador Forums. A place to upload and share all of your favourite Labrador videos. Anyone can view the Videos on LabTube and if youre a Gold subscriber of Labrador Forums, you can upload and share your own videos with everyone else.

For the last couple of weeks, weve been hosting a super secret beta group to work out the kinks. Check out some of our favourites at LabTube. And speaking of the beta group, wed like to thank our members who helped us out (and entertained us) with their uploads.

What fun is a video if no one else can see it? That's why LabTube makes it simple to share your favourite Labrador moments. Through a variety of easy-to-use tools, like Upload, Share, Bookmark, Rate, Embed and Comment, LabTube helps you get the most out of the video-sharing experience.

LabTube on Labrador Forums aims to be the go-to video sharing site for Labrador lovers throughout the UK.

Not sure where to begin? Have a look at some of the videos already on LabTube and then upload your own favourite moments. Registration is NOT required to view the videos on LabTube, but to upload as often as you want, and to store unlimited videos of your own, you do need to be a Gold Labrador Forums subscriber.

Video Upload, View, Share - LabTube on Labrador Forums - Give it a try.....

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